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Tax Amnesty Program Pools IDR 145 Trillion Repatriated Fund

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta -A�By March 2017, the amount of assets declared thorough asset statement letter (SPH) has reached Rp4,467 trillion (US$335.8 billion), based on the Tax Directorate General’s Tax Amnesty dashboard on Thursday, March 9, 2017. The figure consists of domestic assets worth A�IDR 3,304 trillion (USD 248.4), assets parked overseas worth Rp1,019 trillion (USD 76.6 billion), and repatriated funds worth IDR 145 trillion (USD 10.9 billion). The Tax DG also recorded a total retribution fee of Rp105 trillion (USD 7.9 billion), paid by non-SME individual taxpayers at Rp86.2 trillion (US$6.4 billion), SME individual taxpayers at A�IDR 5.87 trillion (USD 441 million), non-SME corporate taxpayers at Rp12.8 trillion (USD 962.4 million), and SME corporate taxpayers at Rp398 billion (USD 29.9 million).

Based on tax payment letters (SSP) submitted to the Tax DG, the realization of tax payment received reached IDR 113 trillion (USD 8.5 billion). The figure consists of retribution fee of IDR 106 trillion (USD 8 billion), tax arrears payment of IDR 106 trillion (USD 524 million), and preliminary evidence payment of IDR 819 billion (USD 61.5 million).

The Tax DG said that they will continue to boost the state revenue from the tax amnesty program until it is closed on March 31, 2017.

“The first period [of the tax amnesty program] is a call, the second period is a reminder, and the third period is a warning for those who refuse to participate,” Tax DG spokesperson Hesto Yoga Saksama said in Jakarta on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

Yoga revealed that the Tax DG will collect data and information on taxpayers who ignore the tax amnesty program. After the tax amnesty period ends, Yoga said that the Tax DG will focus on investigating corporate and individual taxpayers who refused to participate in the program and those who participate but did not report their whole assets.