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Mercedes-Benz introduces body and paint facility in Indonesia

Mercedes-Benz Indonesia inaugurated its newest body and paint facility to be operated by PT Cakrawala Automotif Rabasha (CAR), which has been certified by Daimler AG of Germany. This is the first time such a facility has been opened in Indonesia.

A facility with Mercedes-Benz standards is located at Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 15, East Pamulang, South Tangerang, Banten, said Mercedes-Benz Indonesia at its press statement, adding that the workshop is ready to serve customers with vehicles that have been damaged in crashes.

PT CAR is the first authorized Mercedes-Benz facility to receive a body and paint center certification from Daimler AG. It is complementary to the 3S network run by PT CAR in Kuningan, West Java.

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a�?The development of the premium market in Indonesia has grown rapidly and therefore after-sales service is an important aspect that must be implemented and given special attention,a�? said Roelof Lamberts, president and CEO of PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia.

A variety of the latest modern facilities are being offered at the PT CAR Body & Paint Cent workshop located on 11,000 square meters of land in a modern 4,500-square-meter building.

In accordance with Mercedes-Benz standards, the facility is equipped with two paint booths, two preparation booths to check on the conditions of cars prior to repairing them and two preparation curtains made by USI Italia to be used before the painting begins. (bbn)