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RI to push for G20 working committee on digital economy

Indonesia is pushing for the establishment of a global working committee to facilitate discussions on digital economy concepts and technical solutions at the G20 Digital Ministers Meeting in DA?sseldorf, Germany, this week.

The conference is aimed at sharing experiences on how to address issues of wealth distribution, financial inclusion and workforce management.

The Indonesian delegation to Dusseldorf will be led by Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara, who said he would highlight the unique digitalization trends happening in Indonesia.

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The government claims the country is a digital technology success story when it comes to aspects like the sharing economy, workforce digitalization and financial inclusion, with the emphasis being on digital solutions to improve business performance.

Workforce digitalization, for instance, is reflected in all-round ordering services like Go-Jek.

a�?After showcasing these merits, we have an action plan that includes workshops and partnerships to implement these ideas. Whoever wants to join us is welcome,a�? Rudiantara said on Monday.

Germany took over the G20 presidency on Dec. 1, 2016. The G20 Digital Ministers Meeting will take place from April 6 to 7. (tas)

Source: Jakarta Post