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Largest Chinese firm to invest in power plants in Indonesia

Beijing (ANTARA News) – The largest Chinese power company “China Huadian Corporation” has the opportunity to invest in power plants in Indonesia.

“The Chinese firm wants to invest in our power plants. I have suggested that it should find a good local partner,” Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignatius Jonan informed ANTARA in Beijing on Thursday night.

According to Jonan, China Huadian Corporation is the largest power company in China, and its assets are about twice that of Indonesias state electricity company (PLN).

Jonan said that with regard to investment matters, his ministry will not discriminate investors based on certain countries.

“We do not differentiate, whether it is China, Japan, or any other country. What matters is that we are fit with it; that is all,” he said after the Eighth Ministerial Conference on Clean Energy (CEM8).

One of the opportunities offered to China Huadian Co. is the construction of power plants in the governments 35 thousand-megawatt power plant program.

“This is in accordance with the directives of President (Joko Widodo) during the OBOR Conference (One Belt, One Road), which encouraged Chinese investment in Indonesia. I am following up on it,” Jonan, who is a former minister of transportation, stated.

Jonan made assurance that next year, all residents of the island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, will have access to electricity.

“Coincidentally, with the development of a steam power plant, Sumba may perhaps get an additional 50 megawatts of electricity,” the minister, who was accompanied by Indonesian Ambassador to China Soegeng Rahardjo, noted.

The annual CEM event, held in Beijing, was attended by ministers and high-level officials from 24 countries.

At the eighth CEM, Jonan got the opportunity to hold a bilateral meeting with China, as the host.

On the occasion, Minister Jonan also encouraged several Chinese companies to increase their investment in the oil and gas sector in Indonesia.

“Some Chinese oil and gas companies have been investing in Indonesia for the past 15 years, but the number is still small and needs to be increased,” Jonan added.

He said that unlike Chinese companies, oil and gas companies from the US have been investing in Indonesia for quite a long time.

“Chevron, which was known as Caltex in the past, and Exxon have been operating in Riau for about 100 years with a very big investment,” Jonan pointed out.

China hosted the CEM8 in Beijing on June 6-8, 2017.

In addition to working sessions for energy ministers and other high-level policymakers, CEM8 featured a public-private action summit with keynote speakers, thematic panel discussions, and opportunities for high-profile announcements of ambitious clean energy efforts.

It also included a two-day technology exhibition demonstrating breakthrough clean energy technologies, products, and business models; and an Innovation Theater showcasing potentially game-changing clean energy innovations and inspirations.(*)