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Bali’s Sababay Wine Set to Promote ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ Brand Globally

Jakarta. The Ministry of Tourism has already established partnerships with 20 leading national brands to boost its Wonderful Indonesia brand, currently ranked 47th globally by the World Economic Forum.

Balinese wine producer Sababay recently joined forces with the ministry in a co-branding scheme.

“Sababay wine is an Indonesian product made here from local ingredients. The brand has built up a good reputation on the international market. It is perfect for Wonderful Indonesia to be placed on every product,” Esthy Reko Astuti, deputy for tourism development at the ministry, said in Jakarta on Wednesday (09/08).

“The results will be profitable for both the Wonderful Indonesia brand and the businesses,” she added.

Six Sababay wines won international gold and silver awards in 2015, while the company’s Moscato d’Bali defeated the famous Moscato Rosa Jacobs Crips of Australia.

Sababay can currently produce 500,000 bottles of wine annually, with market prices between Rp 200,000 and Rp 300,000 ($15-$22) per bottle.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has lauded the co-branding strategy by saying that it is crucial to expand the target market and boost the equity of the brands involved in the partnership.

Besides Sababay, other brands that have joined the co-branding scheme into food and non-food categories.

Among those brands are Achilles, Garuda Food, Plygon, Sahid Group,, Alleira Batik & Gaia, Sunpride, Sarinah, Sekar Group, Krisna Oleh-oleh, Secrect Garden, Martha Tilaar, Malang Strudel, JJ Royal, Dapur Solo, Rumah Zakat and Batik Trusmi.

Source: The Jakarta Globe