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Airbus Considers Building New Maintenance Facility in Indonesia

Jakarta. Airbus, a French aircraft manufacturer, is mulling a plan to build a maintenance facility in Southeast Asia’s largest Muslim-majority country in partnership with Dirgantara Indonesia, a minister said on Tuesday (24/10).

The company has enjoyed robust sales in Indonesia thanks to rapidly growing air travel over the past decade. Airbus has clients ranging from the archipelago’s largest airlines to the Indonesian military and the manufacturer has expressed its desire to service them better.

“They want to have aircraft maintenance facilities here. They are very considerate for any cooperation with [Dirgantara Indonesia],”said Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the coordinating minister for maritime affairs, after a meeting with Airbus representatives.

The facilities would provide maintenance services for Airbus or Airbus licensed aircraft, including military transport aircrafts CN235, CN295 or A400M now used by the Air Force.

There was also a plan to use the facility to maintain Airbus commercial jets, considering the company’s plan to ship hundreds of such airplanes over the next few years, Luhut said. Still, Airbus would need to talk with Ministry of Transportation to resolve details about the plan, he added.

Airbus’s clients in Indonesia, namely Lion Air, Batik Air, Garuda Indonesia and Citilink, had a combined standing-order of 308 aircraft with the company and now operate 112 Airbus jets, according to company data.

Source: The Jakarta Post