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BlackBerry happy with Indonesian market

BlackBerry remains pleased with the performance of its handset Aurora a�� which in Indonesia has been licensed to PT BlackBerry Merah Putih (BBMP).

The device, which is made in Indonesia and intended for the Indonesian market, was launched in March 2017.

a�?The market will decide if they see value in high security devices such as the BlackBerry,a�? said Alex Thurber, BlackBerry senior vice president for global device sales, on Tuesday in London, on the sidelines of the BlackBerry Security Summit.

a�?But as [CEO] John Chen said, we could have done better,a�? he added.

The existing Aurora is built on the Nougat 7-based Android software platform.

a�?We are working closely with BBMP to continue to reach out to our customers. Since each phone contains our personal information such as banking info or other personal info, it is important to ensure customers on why they need security,a�? Thurber said.

BBMP is not the only company to produce a device for the Canadian company. TCL Communication of China and OptiemusA�of India are focused on the global and Indian markets, respectively. TCL has produced the keyboard-based KEYone and touchscreen devices DTEK50 and DTEK60.

Thurber added that the company would not add other enterprises to produce the devices. Instead, Blackberry would focus more on installing their software into branded phones from other manufacturers.

Marty Beard, BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer, said the company would continue to maintain the legacy of the smartphone device.

a�?BlackBerry is one of the most widely known brands in the world. It has always been associated with security, productivity, professionalism and business,a�? he said. (bbn)

Source: Jakarta Post