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IMF-WB 2018 Meeting Puts Indonesia on Spotlight

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta - International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing directorA�Christine Lagardesaid thatA�IndonesiaA�will take center stage when hostingA�IMF-World Bank annual meetingA�inA�BaliA�inmidA�October 2018.

“All eyes in the economic world are on Indonesia.A�This is the right time to reveal success story,” LagardeA�said inA�Washington DC,A�U.S.A�on SaturdayA�(15/10).

LagardeA�added thatA�IndonesiaA�can gain additional value by hosting this event since this eventA�can leverage business activities.

“This will leverage business since people will stay at hotels, eat at restaurants, and spend money.A�There will be results gained from this annual event,”A�she said.

LagardeA�explained that Indonesia deserves to be the host since Indonesia has good economic indicators and sufficient foundation in policy.

The indicators are evident in strong blend of policies that are able to strengthen economic defense and growth and structural reform one of which is through tax revenue.

“IndonesiaA�has focus and efficiency.A�This progress is evident from growth projection ofA�5.2 percentA�orA�5.3 percent,”A�she said.