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Indonesia records US$ 1.76b trade surplus in September

Indonesia recorded a US$ 1.76 billion trade surplus in September as exports reached $14.54 billion in September, a 15.6 percent increase from the same month last year, while imports stood at $12.78 billion, up 13.13 percent year-on-year (yoy).

However, on a month-on-month (mom) basis, Indonesiaa��s imports and exports decreased 4.51 percent and 5.39 percent, respectively. Imports reached $13.51 billion in August, while exports stood at $15.23 billion in the same month.

Central Statistics Agency (BPS) head Suhariyanto attributed the monthly decrease to seasonal patterns. a�?[Trade] also decreased in August to September last year,a�? he told reporters on Monday.

Non-oil and gas exports, which accounted for 90.1 percent of the countrya��sA� exports in September, increased 13.76 percent yoy to $13.10 billion, while oil and gas exports increased 15.6 percent yoy to $1.44 billion during the same month.

The increase in non-oil and gas exports in September from August was aided by a significant increase in the export of minerals, pulp and tin, while there were decreases in the export of vegetable and animal oils, jewelry and garments, among others.

China, Japan and the United States remain the largest export destinations for Indonesia, while China, Japan and Japan and Thailand are the top three sources of Indonesian imports.

The surplus recorded in September brought the overall surplus from January to September to $ 10.87 billion. (bbn)

Source: Jakarta Post