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Bappenas: Indonesia Can be a Developed Country in 2045

TEMPO.COJakarta – National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) Head Bambang S. Brodjonegoro recently stated that Indonesia would be able to become a developed country by the year 2045 or 100 years post-independence if the economic growth is consistent within 5 percent.

“If Indonesia can be consistent with a 5 percent average growth scenario, Indonesia will become a high-income country by the year 2038 or 2039,” said Bambang during the opening of the ‘Indonesia Infrastructure Week’ event on Wednesday, November 8.

A consistent economic growth of 5 percent can translate into a US$20,000 state revenue per capita. Indonesia’s current revenue is around US$3,600 to US$3,700.

“The challenge is will we able to maintain that 5 percent growth annually?” said Bambang. He also underlined the importance of infrastructure development as an asset to improve Indonesia’s economy.

Indonesia’s infrastructure towards the country’s GDP in 2012 has only reached 38 percent. Indonesia is still running behind compared to India (58 percent), China (76 percent), Poland (80 percent), and South Africa (87 percent). Meanwhile, Japan as a developed country has a GDP to infrastructure stock of 178 percent.

Caesar Akbar