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E-commerce firms to be registered: Ministry

The government is preparing a government regulation (PP) that will require online shops and e-commerce businesses to register with the Trade Ministry, reported on Tuesday,

Trade Ministry director general of domestic trade Tjahya Widayanti said on Monday in Jakarta that the draft government regulation had been submitted to the State Secretariat, and hoped it would be issued by the end of the year.

a�?Under the regulation, the Trade Ministry requires anyone who performs transactions through an electronic system to register their businesses with the ministry,a�? said Tjahja.

Tjahja said that the ministry had further prepared a supporting regulation in the form of a Trade Minister’s regulation to provide technical details on implementing the government regulation.

a�?The ministerial regulation being drafted will regulate the registration process and the issuance of online seller identity numbers,a�? he said, adding that the identity number must be displayed on the e-commerce business’s online platform.

The ministry would make a list of registered e-commerce businesses so that customers were apprised of the platforms’ legality, said Tajhja. Unregistered e-commerce businesses would be placed on the ministry’s watch list.

a�?Consumers will feel more secure performing transactions on registered platform,sa�? he added.

Meanwhile, the Trade Ministry’s distribution and business supervision director, Budi Santoso, said the ministry was holding internal discussions on the registration requirements for online sellers. (bbn)

Source: The Jakarta Post