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Six Sectors Will Boost Industry in 2018

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta -A�Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto said six sectors are expected to boost the national industry in 2018. a�?They are basic metal industry, food and beverage, transportation, machinery and equipment, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and electronics,a�? he said today at a seminar called Industry Outlook 2018 in Jakarta.

Airlangga said that the sectors will be relied upon considering their significant growth this year. He said that the basic metal industry grows 10.6 percent, transportation industry grows 5.6 percent, food and beverage industry grows 9.49 percent, machinery and equipment industry grows 6.35 percent, chemicals and pharmaceutical industry grows 8 percent. On the occasion, Airlangga added that the industry growth this year make up almost 20 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).

Growth in the industry has been fluctuating throughout 2017. The first quarter saw 4.3 percent growth or lower than the economic growth in the first quarter at 5.01 percent. In the second quarter, the growth of the industry stood at 3.89 percent or lower than the economic growth in the same quarter at 5.01 percent and the third quarter saw the industry grew 5.49 percent or higher than the economic growth in the same quarter at 5.06 percent.