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Indonesia making progress on 35,000 MW program

Of the government’sA�35,000 megawattsA�(MW) program, power plants withA�a combined capacity ofA�1,358 megawatts were in operation as of Jan. 15,A�Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry spokesman Agung PribadiA�said inA�a statement on Sunday.

He said power plants with a combined capacity ofA�466 MWA�had beenA�constructed by state-owned electricity firm PLN,A�with power plants contributing aA�furtherA�892 MWA�constructed by private companies known as independent power producers (IPP).

HeA�explained that power plants with a capacity of 538 MW were constructed in Sulawesi, with 455 MWA�constructed in Sumatra, 135 MW in Maluku and Papua, 126 MW in Kalimantan, and theA�remaining 104 MWA�constructed in Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

He addedA�that power plants with a combined capacity of 17,096 MWA�were now under the construction a�� 5,657 MW by PLN and 11,439 MW by private firms.

He added the government had signed contracts for the construction of power plants with a combined capacity ofA�12,724 MWA�and thatA�therefore the government only needed a furtherA�4,682 MWA�to complete all the programsA�that were A�intended to beA�completed byA�2019.

a�?Power plants generating roughlyA�20,000 MWA�are set to be inA�operationA�byA�2019,a�? he added, as reported byA�

In addition to the 35,000 MW program, the governmentA�hadA�also fast trackedA�programs I and II and the regularA�7,800 MW program, said Agung.

From the three programs, power plants generatingA�6,395 MW were in operation, he said.

Currently, the national electrification ratio sitsA�atA�95.35 percent, exceedingA�the target of 92.75 percent. (bbn)

Source: Jakarta Post