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Renewable energy production exceeds 2017 target

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has announced that, as of December 2017, renewable energy contributed toA�12.62 percent of the total national electricity supply, exceeding the 2017 state budget target of 11.96 percent.

The country’s renewable energy supply comes fromA�state-electricity firm PLN and private companies.

a�?The energy mostly comes from hydropower plants and geothermal energy plants,a�? ministry spokesman Agung Pribadi said as reported byA� on Monday.

He added that hydropowerA�plants contributed to 7.27 percent of the renewable energy produced, followed by geothermal power plants at 5 percent andA�other sources atA�0.25 percent.

He further explained that the hydropower plants produced 16,793 GWh, 11,154 GWh of which was produced by PLN and 5.639 GWh by independent power producers (IPP).

Meanwhile, as of November 2017, geothermal power plants produced 11.560 GWh, while other renewable energy resources producedA�579 GWh.

He said the government had signed last year 68 power purchase agreements (PPA) with private companiesA�to produce renewable energy power plants with aA�capacity of 1.2 gigawatts.

a�?We encourageA�efficient renewable energy power plant projects. We assure that the 68 PPAs signed in 2017 willA�immediately be financed and constructed soon,a�? he added. (bbn)