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Sri Mulyani Devises 3 Main Strategies for Fiscal Policy in 2018

TEMPO.CO, Malang - Finance MinisterA�SriA�Mulyani IndrawatiA�stated that in 2018, the development programs will be focused on improving welfare and reducing poverty.A�To achieve such goals, the ministry will lead economic reform agenda including in the fiscal aspect ofA�2018.

Sri MulyaniA�mentioned that 2018 fiscal policy is still directed at three main strategies including optimizing revenue, improvement in the quality of expenditure and cautious, sustainable financing.A�By doing so, state budget (APBN) management will be strengthened.

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Such strategies are devised to support healthy economic growth at the level ofA�5.4 percent andA�decrease in unemployment toA�5a��5.3 percent. “Reduce the level of poverty to underA�10 percent,A�and decrease Gini ratio toA�0.38,a�? Sri MulyaniA�stated inA�MalangA�on Friday, January 5.

Currently, Indonesia is one of the countries with the lowest level of debt in the world. “We need to maintain state budget deficit only for productive purpose to ensure debt payment and it is our responsibility for the future generation,”A�Sri Mulyani concluded.