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Tambora National Park to provide four-wheel drive, off-road bike facilities

Those planning to trek Mount Tambora in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), may soon be able toA�use a four-wheel drive or off-road motorbike.

Starting this year, Tambora National Park is set to develop exclusive facilities in a bid to attract more visitors.

The park’sA�head, Budhy Kurniawan, said the four-wheel drive cars and off-road motorbikes were similar to those available on Mount Bromo, East Java. Trekkers can use either vehicle type to reach the final post, before continuing to Mt. Tamboraa��s caldera.

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According to Antara news agency, trekkers can use two routes, namely a 21-kilometer route in Piong Village in Bima regency and an 18.5 km route in Doro Ncanga in Dompu regency. Both take approximately four hours. However, those using the routes will miss the opportunity to marvel at the endemic birds of Mt.A�Tambora, such asA�burung gosong (megapodes) andA�paruh bengkok(lorikeets).

Trekkers will still be able to catch the beautiful savanna and maybe even spot some deerA�along the way.

Budhy expressed hopes that the new facilities would help develop local economy, particularly the region’s transportation service.

Budhy added that the park has currently entered the coaching and identification phase for the new facilities.

Located 2,850 meters above sea level, Mt. Tambora is located in two regencies, Dompu and Bima. Currently, the national park offers three facilities, namely exclusive climbing routes, regular climbing routes and a recreational facility for nontrekkers. (jes/kes)