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VP Kalla optimistic of better economy in 2018

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesian Vice President M. Jusuf Kalla is optimistic of a better economy with faster and balanced economic growth along with sound indicators in Indonesia in 2018.

“All sectors, assuming health, heart, and cholesterol checkups, are all good, but they will not run fast. There should be a balance between them. That is what we hope for this year,” Vice President Kalla stated in his opening remarks at the Commerce 2018 at the Indonesian Stock Exchange, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

Data for 2017 showed various indicators of good economy, controlled inflation at some three to five percent, and lower interest rate reaching 4.25 percent. Nonetheless, economic growth was not that sound and hovered at around five percent.

On the occasion, Vice President Kalla also remarked that the lower interest rate was also expected to attract investors to various sectors.

“We already agreed that one way to attract investment is to lower the interest rate slowly. The Indonesian Bank (Central Bank) has already regulated the rate. Hence, investors will invest in the real sector and not just in deposits and other areas,” he explained.

On the same occasion, Kalla also expressed hope that all investors in stock exchange would increase their investment in the real sector, so it would drive the economy even further.

Data showed that trading in stock exchange by the end of 2017 drove the index to the highest value of 6,335 points. Vice President Kalla opened the trading for the morning session of the stock market today, (Jan 2), at 6,365 points.

(Reported by Muhammad Arief Iskandar/Uu.Ian/KR-MBR/INE/KR-BSR/F001)

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