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Indonesian Solok Radjo Coffee to Penetrate U.S. Market

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta - Solok RadjoA�coffee, well known for its good quality, is capable to penetrate the U.S. market. Chief ofA�Department of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises in West Sumatra Zirma Yusri saidA�the Arabica coffee will be exported to the United States this year.

a�?The market is already started,a�? he said in Padang, Tuesday, February 13.

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The market for the coffee, as stated, available through some exhibitions participated in several countries to introduce the Solok Radjo coffee internationally.

Besides, review from a coffee evaluatorA�Q Grade is very helpful to present the product to the coffee lovers.

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Zirma mentioned Solok Radjo coffee has unique scent and taste; it has a fresh-sour and a bit sweetness. Aside from that, it faintly smells good like spices.

The quirky taste and smell have made the coffee favored by the coffee lovers, not only in West Sumatra but also in Indonesia. Now,A�Solok Radjo sets to gain access into international market andA�coffee farmers in Solok begin to feel the result of their hard work.