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Pinisi Boat Enters World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi on Tuesday (13/02) received a Unesco certificate recognizing the pinisi, a traditional Indonesian sailboat, as the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

The document was delivered by Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan, Indonesia’sA�ambassador to France and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The minister said the Unesco acknowledgement of the signature Bugis sailing vessel from South Sulawesi is not the last goal, but a means to promote and support the preservation of culture.

“The recognition of the pinisi boatA�of South Sulawesi as the world’s intangible cultural heritage is a big pride for the people of Indonesia,”A�Retno said, asA�quoted inA�the ministry’s statement.

“It should be followed by a good preservation policy that includes educational efforts.”

TheA�boat entered the Intangible Cultural Heritage List last year, following theA�kris (a traditional wavybladed knife), wayang (shadow theater), batik,A�angklung musical instrument,A�noken bag from Papua, Saman dance from Aceh,A�and Balinese dance.

Pantun, a Malay poetic form proposed by Indonesia and Malaysia, is expected to be approved by Unesco this year.

Next year, Indonesia plans to propose martial artA�pencak silat.

“The Unesco recognition of Indonesia’s cultural riches and is an encouragement for us to keep preserving them,” Hotmangaradja said.