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Ubud Food Festival to feature 100 culinary experts

The annual culinary adventure eventA�Ubud Food Festival is set to return this year onA�April 13-15 in Ubud, Bali, featuringA�around 100 culinary experts from Indonesia and abroad.

Among the Indonesian culinary experts slated toA�attend the festival are Sisca Soewitomo, who will cook Indonesian homemade food and serve it to visitors, Rinrin Marinka and Andrian Ishak, who is known for his skills in molecular gastronomy cuisine.

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Additionally, the event’s fourth edition will also present Michelin Star chefs, namely Colombo-born Rishi Naleendra, Sam Aisbett and Korean chef Jun Lee.

According toA�, the 2018 Ubud Food FestivalA�will also feature other events, fromA�discussions and cooking demos to workshops, film screenings and music performances. (wir/kes)