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Four not-to-miss events in East Nusa Tenggara in 2018

This year, the Tourism MinistryA�has compiled numerous annual events across the archipelago to draw in tons of adventure-seekers and travel enthusiasts like yourself, for a whale of a time.

Nearly every month reveals moreA�highlights, ranging from cultural festivals and art fairs to wildlife appreciation trails, set in one or more of Indonesia’sA�34 provinces. East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is noA�an exception.

The southernmost provinceA�has been steadily winning the hearts ofA�globetrottersA�worldwide withA�its lush jungle greenery andA�iconic pink-sand beaches,A�not to mentionA�theA�thriving diversity of its localA�traditions.

Dona��t know where to start? Below are our recommendations:

Komodo Festival

The Komodo National Park, located in Labuan BajoA�is ranked as one of the worlda��s top wildlife tourist destinations. Just recently, Labuan Bajo emerged as runner-up for the worlda��s best snorkeling spot, beating the popular Raja Ampat Islands.

This brings Labuan Bajo a level above the Galapagos Islands in EcuadorA�a��A�notable for being homeA�to over 300A�species of reptiles. Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world flock toA�Komodo National ParkA�to catch a glimpse of one of the worlda��s largest exotic reptiles in motion. The Komodo Festival wasA�initiated in theA�hopes of accelerating the development of tourismA�in Labuan Bajo.

The festival offers a range of activities with the highlight being a series of cultural arts performances featuring various traditional Flores dances unique to West Manggarai. In addition, visitors can look forward to tree planting activities, beach volleyball competitions, craft exhibitions and more.

When: March 5-10

Tour de Flores

Tour de Flores is an annual multi-day cycling event that has boostedA�tourism inA�the province tremendously in the past three years. The event might sound familiar as it was inspired by the prominent Tour de France race, which was first organized back in 1903.

Similarly, other Indonesian provinces were also encouraged to establish their own bicycle event adapted from the renownedA�race, namely Tour de Singkarak in 2009 and Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen in 2012.

With Tour de Flores successfully attractingA�cyclists from all over the world each year, the event has contributed greatly towardA�tourism and the economic growth of the islandA�a��A�nicknamed the Land of a Thousand Smiles. The 743-kilometer route is divided into fiveA�stages a��A�with participants setting offA�from LarantukaA�and venturing through the bucolic outskirts of eastern Flores, before finishingA�inA�Labuan Bajo.

Tour de Flores is a challenge forA�all who are ready for an adrenaline rush.

When: May 6-16

Parade Sandalwood and Ikat Weaving

Following Labuan Bajo is Sumba,A�an island fastA�becoming the new prima donna of tourism in the archipelago. Exotic grasslands, rolling hills,A�horses, uniqueA�adatvillages, unspoiled beaches, you name it, Sumba has it all.

AlbeitA�a remote and outlying island, the paradisiac scenery and rustic charm of SumbaA�continues to enthralA�both local and international sightseers. In fact, several films and documentaries produced on the islandA�in recent years have successfully sparked immense curiosity and interest inA�the region’s exoticism.

Boasting varied cultural, historical and natural assets, Sumba indeed holds considerable tourism potential. To strengthen the regiona��s promotion of tourism, Sumba willA�hostA�the Wonderful Sumba Island Festival (WSIF) 2018 fromA�Aug. 2-9.

One of the main highlights of the event willA�be the sandel (sandalwood) horse parade a��A�the sandalwood ponies actually originated from Sumba Island itself. Another featured highlight willA�be theA�ikat weaving demonstrations, in which traditionalA�ikat fabricA�is handwoven by the islanda��s finestA�artisan weavers. WSIF will be held inA�Tambolaka, Southwest Sumba, and will also presentA�various cultural performances, craft exhibitions and culinary bazaars that are not to be missed.

When: Aug.A�2-9

Likurai Festival of Timor

This festival aims to showcase traditional music and dances originating from Belu, East Nusa Tenggara. Generally performed by male dancers, the dance involves movements thatA�appear to portray a group of people fighting.

The male dancers often carry swords, whereas female dancers usually bear a smallA�tihar orA�kendang a��A�a two-headed drum distinctively used by Southeast Asian folk music ensembles.

This upbeat festival is bound to be a spectacular experience like you’ve never had before. The event is expected to promote Indonesiaa��s unparalleled cultural diversity, and at the same time boost the tourism potential ofA�Belu. (dev/kes)

When: Oct. 27-28

Source: The Jakarta Post