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Indonesia eyes cooperation to enter Saudi retail sector

The Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in Jeddah is seeking cooperation with Danube Company Ltd, a retail company in Saudi Arabia.

a�?It is a pilot project to penetrate the Saudi market through the retail networkA�owned by Danube Company Ltd.,a�? ITPC Jeddah head Gunawan said in a statementA�The Jakarta Post received on Tuesday.

Danube Company was established in 1995 andA�has 66 retail outlets in Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Taif, Jizan, Abha, Riyadh, Dammam andA�Khamis Muscat, as well as in the countrya��s airports.

Gunawan said the planned cooperation with the retailer was important, because DanubeA�had many outlets in the Haramain area connecting Mecca and Medina, which was also a key destination for many Indonesian travelers.

a�?The Haramain areaA�is a captive market for Indonesian products, because about 1.2 million Indonesians visitA�the areaA�annually on the hajj andA�umrahpilgrimages,a�? he said.

He added that ITPC Jeddah had met with Danube representatives onA�on Mar. 22 and Mar. 25A�to discuss the cooperation.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Consul General in Jeddah M Hery Saripudin expressed the hope that the planned cooperation would increase Indonesian exports to the country.

Hery said retailer Danube, which also operates hotels in Mecca, Jeddah and Medina, had also expressed its interestA�in investing in the Balinese tourism sector.

In 2016, Indonesian exports to Saudi Arabia reached US$1.3 billion while imports from the country reached $2.7 billion. (bbn)

Source: The Jakarta Post