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Indonesia to open 8 more ports for international trade

Indonesia is set to open eight more seaports for international trade to help its  products become more competitive in the international market, an official has said.

The Transportation Ministry’s organization and human relations affairs division head, Gus Rional, said in Jakarta on Sunday that the opening of more seaports for international trade would cut transportation costs for industry.

“The seaports will help boost export and import activities,” said Gus as reported by

The eight ports are located in Muara Sabak, Jambi; Ciwandan, Banten; Cigading, Banten; Merak Mas, Banten; Belinyu, Bangka Belitung; Tanjung Pandang, Bangka Belitung; and Sorong in Papua.

Indonesia previously had 141 ports for international trade – 89 fully operated international seaports and 52 special terminals. (bbn)

Source: The Jakarta Post