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Garuda Indonesia eyes Paris as new international route

The European Union’s ban on Indonesian airlines was lifted on June 14, allowing local carriers to fly directly to Europe.

In response to the good news, reported that national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia was considering opening a new route to Paris, France.

The airline’s cargo and international trade director, Sigit Muhartono, said on Wednesday that following the announcement, the company had begun assessing several destinations in Europe, including Paris.

Based on the research, Garuda Indonesia had found that Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport was among popular entrances to Europe, besides London and Amsterdam.

In addition to France, Garuda Indonesia is also considering opening a new route to Germany. However, Paris is still a priority.

Sigit also said if the company planned it aggressively, the route could be opened by the end of this year. (jes/kes)

Source: The Jakarta Post