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Number of foreign tourists increases 16.57 percent in July

Indonesia saw a 16.57 percent month-to-month increase in the number of foreign tourists to 1.53 million in July from 1.31 million in June, or a 12.10 percent year-on-year increase from 1.37 million in July last year, Statistics Indonesia (BPS) announced on Monday.

The airports that recorded the greatest increases in foreign tourist arrivals are Sam Ratulangi Airport in North Sulawesi (62.01 percent), Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport in Aceh (43.54 percent) and Minangkabau Airport in West Sumatra (22.66 percent).

Kualanamu Airport in North Sumatra recorded a 5.03 percent increase in foreign tourist arrivals.

From January to July, the country welcomed a total of 9.06 million foreign tourists – a 12.92 percent year-on-year increase from 8.03 million recorded in the same period last year.

The government has targeted 17 million foreign tourist arrivals this year.

BPS head Suhariyanto said the surge in foreign tourists in July could not be directly linked to the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra, from Aug. 18 to Sept. 2.

“We have yet to determine that the Games contributed to the latest surge [in foreign tourists] since the statistics in July obviously precedes the sporting event, which commenced the following month,” he told a press conference. (rfa/bbn)

Source: The Jakarta Post

Indonesia welcomes 3.67m tourists in first quarter

Central Statistics Agency (BPS) records show that tourist arrivals in the first quarter of 2018 grew by 14.87 percent from a year earlier to 3.67 million.

BPS head of statistics distribution and services Yunita Rusanti said in Jakarta on Wednesday that the number of arrivals in March had reached 1.36 million, up 28.76 percent from March 2017.

She said the increase in tourist arrivals also reflected in room occupancy rates of star-rated hotels, which averaged 57.10 percent in March, compared to 54.70 percent in the same month of 2017.

Meanwhile, average the length of stay of tourists was 1.95 days, up by 0.06 points from March 2017.

The largest increase of incoming tourists was recorded at Supadio International Airport in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, where arrivals in March exceeded the year-earlier value by 168.74 percent, followed by Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, East Java (up 96.35 percent) and Sam Ratulangi International Airport in Manado, North Sulawesi.

Overall, the number of tourists arriving by plane increased 13.03 percent in March 2018 from March, 2017, while tourist arrivals through seaports and land borders increased 38.29 percent and 135.8 percent, respectively. (bbn)

Source: The Jakarta Post

North Lombok marina officially caters to international yachts

Medana Bay Marina in Medana Beach, North Lombok regency, has been declared a special tourist terminal for international yachts, in a move that opens up access to foreign tourists looking to explore West Nusa Tenggara.

According toA�, the marina’s management company, PT Wisata Alam Samudra, said the decision was made official through Transportation Ministerial Decree No. 567/2018 on April 3.

With the move, Medana Bay Marina is now the only seaport in West Nusa Tenggara that can handle all processes related to customs, immigration, quarantine and port masters. Previously, foreign yachts that wanted to visit the location were required to register with one of 19A� ports, including those in Tual, Maluku; Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara and Benoa, Bali.

Additionally, North Lombok was also chosen as the country’s global hub for international ships.

Medana Bay Marina was built in 2009 on 6,000 square meters of land and a reserve of 5 hectares, mostly to cater to yachts that travel to and from Australia and New Zealand. Annually, it welcomes an average of 90 yachts per year, “especially during the Sail Indonesia event,” said the marina’s owner and president director, Ace Robin.

In September, the management plans to add new facilities and equipment, such as a boat trailer that comes with a slipway to safely help people disembark 30-ton yachts and reach land. (kes)

Source: The Jakarta Post

Tourist arrivals up 9.12 percent in February

Jakarta Post – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has announced that foreign tourist arrivals in February reached 1.2 million, or 9.12 percent higher than 1.10 million arrivals in January.

BPS head Suhariyanto said tourists that entered from major Indonesian gateways reached 62 percent, or 743,900 foreign tourists.

a�?We hope that the positive trend in the number of foreign arrivals will continue. The increase reached 17.36 percent if compared to the figure in the same month last year,a�? Suhariyanto said at a press conference in Jakarta on Monday.

He explained 261,500 tourists, or 22 percent of the total arrivals in February, entered Indonesia through seaports, while 195,700 people, or 16 percent, entered via land road checkpoints.

Sending 214,427 tourists, China was at the top of the list of tourist-contributing countries to Indonesia, followed by Malaysia (205,855), Singapore (125,153), East Timor (123,777) and India (42,680).

The number of foreign tourists from January to February reached 2.30 million, or a 7.99 percent increase, compared to the figure in the same period, last year.

Occupancy of the star-rated hotels reached 56.21 percent in February, or a 3.64 percent increase compared to the rate in February last year 2017 and a 4.3 percent increase compared to January this year.

Meanwhile, the length of stay reached 1.92 days on average, or 0.01 percent higher compared to the length of stay in February last year. A�(bbn)

15th Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival Highlights Indonesia’s Cultural Riches

The Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival, or JFFF, 2018 will kick off on Thursday (05/04) at the Mal Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

The annual event is a collaboration between Summarecon, which owns and manages the mall, and the provincial government of Jakarta. This year’s festival will be the 15th held at the mall.

“We’re so excited for the 15th JFFF,” Soegianto Nagaria, chairman of JFFF, said during a press conference at the National Museum. “At JFFF, we consistently perpetuate and develop Indonesia’s cultural riches by promoting our culinary and fashion industries.”

Jakarta’s governor, Anies Baswedan, also gave his support for the event.

“I’m very happy with this event,” the governor said. “It’s a positive collaboration between the government and private sector. And with this event, people in Jakarta can get to know the massive riches of Indonesia’s culture and learn to appreciate them.”

JFFF’s food festival will run between April 5 and May 6. For the food festival this year, La Piazza, the alfresco dining area at Mal Kelapa Gading 3, will be transformed into a tropical garden with thatched-roof booths offering local cuisine from all over the country.

There will be approximately 100 booths at the food festival this year.

“Last year, the festival focused on noodle dishes from all over the archipelago,” Soegianto said. “This year, the festival will highlight various Indonesian soto [traditional soups].”

Fashion Village, a bazaar that showcases fashion items by Indonesia’s small-and-medium enterprises, will run on the ground floor of the mall on April 11 – 29.

The series of fashion shows will take place at the ballroom of Harris Hotel, which is located in the premises of the mall, on April 19 – 29.

The opening fashion show, themed ‘On Fleek,’ will showcase the collections of young Indonesian designers Albert Yanuar, Patrick Owen and Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan.

In the fashion show, Yosafat will present his fall/winter 2018 workwear collection, themed “Literalist.”

“I was inspired by a minimalist art movement in the United States in the 1960s when designing this collection,” the designer said.

The collection will feature tailored jackets with lapels in contrasting colors, slim fit pants and pencil skirts.

On Friday, April 20, Indonesia’s modest wear designer Jenahara will showcase her fall/winter 2018 collection themed “Wanita” (Women).

“This collection is inspired by different characteristics of our customers,” Jenahara said.

The collection, which uses a lot of Tenun Ikat Ende from East Nusa Tenggara, will be divided into three main types of women, which are feminine, boyish and fierce.

“With this collection, we want to show that Jenahara caters to all women,” the designer said.

Indonesian young designer Wilsen Willim will also showcase his fall/winter 2018 collection in the fashion festival on Sunday, April 22.

“It’s something light and relaxed for the season,” the designer said.

The collection will feature baggy shirtdresses, shorts, pants and flowy jackets made of wool and Tenun (handwoven fabrics) from Garut and Cirebon (West Java).

The fashion festival will culminate on Thursday, April 26, with a show by Indonesia’s high fashion designer Eddy Betty.

In the show, the senior designer will showcase his special batik and kebaya collection themed “Kinasih.”

Source: Jakarta Globe

Four not-to-miss events in East Nusa Tenggara in 2018

This year, the Tourism MinistryA�has compiled numerous annual events across the archipelago to draw in tons of adventure-seekers and travel enthusiasts like yourself, for a whale of a time.

Nearly every month reveals moreA�highlights, ranging from cultural festivals and art fairs to wildlife appreciation trails, set in one or more of Indonesia’sA�34 provinces. East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is noA�an exception.

The southernmost provinceA�has been steadily winning the hearts ofA�globetrottersA�worldwide withA�its lush jungle greenery andA�iconic pink-sand beaches,A�not to mentionA�theA�thriving diversity of its localA�traditions.

Dona��t know where to start? Below are our recommendations:

Komodo Festival

The Komodo National Park, located in Labuan BajoA�is ranked as one of the worlda��s top wildlife tourist destinations. Just recently, Labuan Bajo emerged as runner-up for the worlda��s best snorkeling spot, beating the popular Raja Ampat Islands.

This brings Labuan Bajo a level above the Galapagos Islands in EcuadorA�a��A�notable for being homeA�to over 300A�species of reptiles. Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world flock toA�Komodo National ParkA�to catch a glimpse of one of the worlda��s largest exotic reptiles in motion. The Komodo Festival wasA�initiated in theA�hopes of accelerating the development of tourismA�in Labuan Bajo.

The festival offers a range of activities with the highlight being a series of cultural arts performances featuring various traditional Flores dances unique to West Manggarai. In addition, visitors can look forward to tree planting activities, beach volleyball competitions, craft exhibitions and more.

When: March 5-10

Tour de Flores

Tour de Flores is an annual multi-day cycling event that has boostedA�tourism inA�the province tremendously in the past three years. The event might sound familiar as it was inspired by the prominent Tour de France race, which was first organized back in 1903.

Similarly, other Indonesian provinces were also encouraged to establish their own bicycle event adapted from the renownedA�race, namely Tour de Singkarak in 2009 and Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen in 2012.

With Tour de Flores successfully attractingA�cyclists from all over the world each year, the event has contributed greatly towardA�tourism and the economic growth of the islandA�a��A�nicknamed the Land of a Thousand Smiles. The 743-kilometer route is divided into fiveA�stages a��A�with participants setting offA�from LarantukaA�and venturing through the bucolic outskirts of eastern Flores, before finishingA�inA�Labuan Bajo.

Tour de Flores is a challenge forA�all who are ready for an adrenaline rush.

When: May 6-16

Parade Sandalwood and Ikat Weaving

Following Labuan Bajo is Sumba,A�an island fastA�becoming the new prima donna of tourism in the archipelago. Exotic grasslands, rolling hills,A�horses, uniqueA�adatvillages, unspoiled beaches, you name it, Sumba has it all.

AlbeitA�a remote and outlying island, the paradisiac scenery and rustic charm of SumbaA�continues to enthralA�both local and international sightseers. In fact, several films and documentaries produced on the islandA�in recent years have successfully sparked immense curiosity and interest inA�the region’s exoticism.

Boasting varied cultural, historical and natural assets, Sumba indeed holds considerable tourism potential. To strengthen the regiona��s promotion of tourism, Sumba willA�hostA�the Wonderful Sumba Island Festival (WSIF) 2018 fromA�Aug. 2-9.

One of the main highlights of the event willA�be the sandel (sandalwood) horse parade a��A�the sandalwood ponies actually originated from Sumba Island itself. Another featured highlight willA�be theA�ikat weaving demonstrations, in which traditionalA�ikat fabricA�is handwoven by the islanda��s finestA�artisan weavers. WSIF will be held inA�Tambolaka, Southwest Sumba, and will also presentA�various cultural performances, craft exhibitions and culinary bazaars that are not to be missed.

When: Aug.A�2-9

Likurai Festival of Timor

This festival aims to showcase traditional music and dances originating from Belu, East Nusa Tenggara. Generally performed by male dancers, the dance involves movements thatA�appear to portray a group of people fighting.

The male dancers often carry swords, whereas female dancers usually bear a smallA�tihar orA�kendang a��A�a two-headed drum distinctively used by Southeast Asian folk music ensembles.

This upbeat festival is bound to be a spectacular experience like you’ve never had before. The event is expected to promote Indonesiaa��s unparalleled cultural diversity, and at the same time boost the tourism potential ofA�Belu. (dev/kes)

When: Oct. 27-28

Source: The Jakarta Post

Tambora Charms festival to return in April

The Pesona Tambora (Tambora Charms) festival is set to return in April to Dompu regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Held for the fourth time since 2015, the event will mostly take place on the Ndoro Ncanga savanna field.

The Tourism Ministry and the West Nusa Tenggara provincial government officially announced the event on Feb. 22 in Mataram.

a�?This year, the festival was listed on the 2018 calendar of events by the ministry. This shows that the event is considered an attraction,a�? said West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Agency head Lalu Mohammad Faozal.

The first Tambora festival was launched to commemorate the massive eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815.

Faozal stated that a number of events would take place between April 1 and 11 in several locations across five regencies on Sumbawa Island. Among the events are the Extreme Marathon Tambora Challenge 320K, a surfing festival at Lakey Beach in Dompu regency and a buffalo race in West Sumbawa.

Faozal also said that the number of visitors would likely increase this year due to improved access to the island.

“The road has been paved with hot mix, and there are three daily flights from Lombok International Airport to Bima,” he said.

The Tourism Ministry’s division I deputy of marketing development, I Gede Pitana, stated that after three years of festivals, Sumbawa Island and Mount Tambora had garnered interest as exceptional tourist destinations. (wen)

Source: The Jakarta Post

Pinisi Boat Enters World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi on Tuesday (13/02) received a Unesco certificate recognizing the pinisi, a traditional Indonesian sailboat, as the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

The document was delivered by Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan, Indonesia’sA�ambassador to France and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The minister said the Unesco acknowledgement of the signature Bugis sailing vessel from South Sulawesi is not the last goal, but a means to promote and support the preservation of culture.

“The recognition of the pinisi boatA�of South Sulawesi as the world’s intangible cultural heritage is a big pride for the people of Indonesia,”A�Retno said, asA�quoted inA�the ministry’s statement.

“It should be followed by a good preservation policy that includes educational efforts.”

TheA�boat entered the Intangible Cultural Heritage List last year, following theA�kris (a traditional wavybladed knife), wayang (shadow theater), batik,A�angklung musical instrument,A�noken bag from Papua, Saman dance from Aceh,A�and Balinese dance.

Pantun, a Malay poetic form proposed by Indonesia and Malaysia, is expected to be approved by Unesco this year.

Next year, Indonesia plans to propose martial artA�pencak silat.

“The Unesco recognition of Indonesia’s cultural riches and is an encouragement for us to keep preserving them,” Hotmangaradja said.

Bali hotels aim to boost Iranian tourists

A number of Indonesian hotel management companiesA�and travel agencies are taking part in a three-day tourism exhibition in Tehran, Iran, to promote the resort island of Bali to Iranian travelers.

Five hotels a�� Bvlgary Resort, Karma Kandara, Sun IslandA�Property and Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak a�� are coordinating with travel agency Indo Persia, which has been working to bring more Iranian travelers to the archipelago, particularly Bali.

a�?The number of Iranian tourists has been increasing in the last year and a half, a�? said Sun Island general manager Ismullah.

According to the Indonesian embassy in Tehran, the number of tourist visas it issued for Iranians increased from 8,349 in 2016 to 13,120 last year.

Ismullah said that compared to other tourists from the Middle East, Iranians were known to be more casual and more lavish in their spending.

Bali is the most popular tourist destination among Iranians, who are mostly familiar with the resort island compared toA�Indonesia as a whole.

a�?We are now trying to increase the number of Iranian tourists at other touristA�destinations such as Lombok, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bandung,a�? said Alireza Ebrahimshah of Indo Persia.

He said that more people were expected to visit Indonesia during the March holiday season in Iran, when the people celebrate Nowruz, or the Iranian New Year.

Alireza said he hoped that the Indonesian government would grant the visa-on-arrival (VOA) facility for Iranian nationals to boost the number of visitors from thatA�country.

Indonesia removed Iran from the list ofA�VOA countriesA�amid a wave of asylum seekers that passed throughA�Indonesia to reachA�Australia.

Iranians were last-minute travelers, Alireza said, adding that with the visa-on-arrival, the number of Iranian tourists could increase threefold.

The 11th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition, organized by Tehran International Trading & Exhibition Corporation (TITEX), is being held from Jan. 23 toA�Jan. 26. (dmr)

Source: The Jakarta Post

Indonesia gears up for ASEAN Tourism Forum 2018

Wonderful Indonesia will be promoted at the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from Jan. 24 to 26. The Tourism Ministry will feature 42 industry players at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Center.

The ministrya��s development and marketing first deputy, I Gde Pitana, said in an official release this year Indonesia would feature a 182-square-meter pavilion with a capacity of 21 exhibition booths.

a�?The event will enable Indonesian sellers to meet with about 350 international buyers. There will also be thousands of worldwide delegates and visitors, and the event will be covered by 150 international media outlets,a�? said Pitana.

KompasTravel reported that the participants in Indonesiaa��s booth consisted of travel agents and operators, hotels and special attractions. The South Sumatra Cultural and Tourism Agency will also be featured in the booth.

a�?We will bring 42 delegates from star destinations in Indonesia. They will offer tour packages that are ready to be offered to buyers. This year, we are the host of the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta and Palembang. We will also put a spotlight on this event,a�? Pitana added.

He also asked the tour and travel industry players, hotels and resorts use the event to heavily promote and have business meetings with buyers from all over the world.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said Indonesiaa��s participation in the event was very important and strategic. He elaborated further that tourism was similar to the telecommunications and transportation industries, in that proximity and cultural closeness are keys to whether or not a program is successful.

a�?ASEAN is close, geographically and culturally,a�? said the minister, adding that he believes ASEAN countries have the potential to be attractive destinations for tourism.

a�?Indonesia puts ASEAN tourism collaborations in high regard. We, with the collaborations, will raise awareness that ASEAN is a competitive tourism destination in the Asia-Pacific,a�? added Pitana.

The ASEAN Tourism Forum is a regional effort to promote ASEAN as one tourism destination. The annual event involves all tourism sectors from 10 ASEAN member countries, including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, there are also three Asian countries, namely China, India and Korea.

This year, the event coincides with ASEANa��s 51stA�anniversary, with the theme a�?Sustainable Connectivity, Boundless Prosperitya�?. (asw)

Source: Jakarta Post

Five must-visit spots in Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara

Maumere, the capital of Sika regency in East Nusa Tenggara, is blessed with breathtaking nature as well as fascinating history and culture.

Below are five of the most recommended places to visit for those lucky enough to travel to the town.

Sikka Old Church

Designed by the same architect that created the Jakarta Cathedral, this European and Sikka-styled church was built in 1873. Despite its old age, it still standing strong with a 10-meter dome supported by roof columns made of teak.

The influence of the Sikka style is particularly seen when you enter the church where all the walls are adorned in SikkaA�tenun ikat (traditional woven fabric) with Gabar (designated for the royals) and Wenda (generally used by the locals) motifs.

Stained glass at the altar that has been there since the church was established adds a nice touch to the place.

Pangabatang Island

Located around one hour from Laurens Say Port in Maumere, this place will especially attract those seeking a getaway. Inhabited by only 60 to 80 people, it only has one small port for some fishing boats to dock.

Being there will make you feel like you’re in a private island, welcomed by the still undiscovered vast white sand complemented with pristine Tosca blue water and peaceful ocean waves.

Expect to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and diving while you are on the island.

Nilo Hill

This place is famous for its 28-meter high Bunda Maria Segala Bangsa (Mother Maria of All Nations) Statue that has graced the hill since 2004.

It usually greets pilgrims as well as vacationers since it is surrounded by lush trees and a beautiful flower garden.

After parking your vehicle at the entrance gate area and walking around 500 meters to reach the statue, you can expect to marvel at the view of Maumere city as the attraction is situated 1,600 meters above sea level.

Mount Rokatenda

This mountain, which erupted in 2013, is located on the 41-kilometer wide Palue Island. To get there, you can take a boat from the ports in Maumere or Ropa.

After you arrive, take a break at the Awa kampung before you start hiking for four hours to reach the peak of Rokatenda. The quite exhausting journey will be worth it as you will be welcomed by the vast barren soil from the mountain’s crater that will make you feel like you’re in another planet. Walk further to another side and you will discover a breathtaking view of the Flores Sea as far as the eye can see.

Geliting Market

Before going home, make sure to drop by this market to buy some souvenirs. This oldest market in Sika is where merchants gather to sell various local products, fromA�tenun ikat toA�moke (sugar palm liquor) stored in plastic bottles.

You can also opt to purchase various agriculture products or fresh fish to be cooked as breakfast in the market. (kes)

Source: The Jakarta Post

Bali welcomes more South Korean tourists in 2017

Indonesia’s resort island of Bali has welcomed an increased number of South Korean tourists, recording 168,181 visitors throughout January until November 2017, or approximately 23 percent higher than the previous year.

“They mostly come through Ngurah Rai International Airport by boarding a plane that flies directly from [South Korea], and only 11 passed through the seaport by boarding a cruise ship,” Adi Nugroho said in Denpasar on Thursday, as quoted byA�Antara news agency.

Adi said South Koreans visit Bali to enjoy the natural scenery and the uniqueness of local cultural arts, and they made up 3 percent of the 5.38 million foreign tourists in Bali from January to November 2017.

The total number of foreign tourists to the island had increased by approximately 20 percent compared to 2016.

Adi said South Korea was number nine out of the top 10 countries visiting Bali, after China, Australia, India, Japan, England, the United States, France and Germany.

From the 10 countries, two experienced a decreased number of visitors, namely Australia, which saw a fall ofA�3.02 percent and Malaysia by 2.66 percent.

The rest of the countries saw a rise in numbers, with the highest increases seen from China, which sent over 51 percent more tourists than the previous year, followed by India with approximately 48 percent more people visiting Bali.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika welcomed South Korean tourism delegates on Sunday, which consistedA�of models, singers, vloggers, as well as film actors and journalists for a dinner at his official residence.

Their visit to Bali, which extended until Thursday, had beenA�facilitated by the Bali Tourism Community Alliance (AMPB) in the hopes that it would help the recovery of tourism to the island amid conditions related to the Mount Agung eruption.

The governor hopes that the delegatesA�would help spread the information that Bali is safe to visit, noting that the arrival of the young stars to the island would be effective, as they have influence in their country, Made said.A�(liz/asw)

Source: The Jakarta Post

GOOD NEWS FROM INDONESIA – Bali: Five must-visit places in Karangasem

Karangasem regency in eastern Bali has been receivingA�much attention since Mount Agung first erupted in late November 2017 and continues to erupt into 2018.

Aside from the volcano, the regency is home to many tourist attractions, from its beaches to itsA�culture and history.

Below are five of the must-visit placesA�in the regency,

Lempuyang Luhur Temple

Since the November 2017 eruption of Mt. Agung, this temple has become even more popular among tourists. One of its more famous spots is the templeA�gate, from where visitors can directly marvel at the sight of the volcano. Those taking photos from the right angle will be able to capture the symmetrical peak framed in the center of the gate.

Do note that Lempuyang Luhur Temple is one of the most important places of Hindu worship, so make sure to follow the local rules when visiting, such as proper speech, behavior and clothing.A�Women and men should wearA�a sarong that covers below the knee and a top that covers the shoulders and upper arms. If ever in doubt, ask a tour guide or check out local customs online before heading out.

Bukit Asah

Bukit Asah, or Asah Hill,A�is the perfect place to view the ocean and seasideA�cliffs. The surroundings carry aA�calming air, as the green hills areA�relatively unknown and uncrowded.

Opt to visit the site to catch the sunrise or sunset.

Tirta Gangga

This is a historical landmark, as the beautiful water palace was originally built by King Karangasem in the 1940s.A�Tirta Gangga was rebuilt inA�1963A�and becameA�theA�gem of Karangasem we know today.

Bukit Putung

Bukit Putung is one of the regency’s emerging destinations. A view of the East Bali region greets visitors atop the hill, lush against a backdrop of greenery and the ocean beyond.A�The nearby island of Nusa Penida can also be seen clearly in the not-too-far distance.

Expect to see monkeys hanging from the trees during your visit.

Tenganan village

Ever wonder what an authentic Bali village is like? Find out on aA�visit toA�this Bali Aga (indigenous Balinese) village, whose ancestors are said to hail from the Majapahit Kingdom.

Even today, the villagers hold strongly to their ancestors’ traditions, which were established in the 11th century.A�These include the village administration system and rights to land and natural resourceA�usage, as well as marriage, education and cultural ceremonies.

While interacting with the villagers and studying theA�unique architecture, be sureA�to take a look at the traditional handicrafts on offer, such as the rare items made from the lontar palmA�and the indigenousA�gringsing double-ikat textile. (kes)

Source: The Jakarta Post

Indonesia awarded Best Diving Destination in world

London (ANTARA News) – Indonesia was awarded the Best Dive Destination 2017 by British Dive Magazine at the World Travel Market (WTM) London held in ExCel London, England, from Nov 6 to 8.

The award was delivered by Dive Magazine publisher, Graeme Gourlay, to Indonesian Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya, at the Wonderful Indonesia pavilion during the largest tourism exhibition in London on Tuesday (Nov 6).

Yahya expressed his gratitude to the magazine for choosing Indonesias diving sites as the best in the world and to those who voted Indonesia as the best diving location in the world.

The award is expected to encourage Indonesia to continue to maintain the sustainability of marine tourism, especially diving. Indonesia collected 1,076 votes out of 9.399 votes, or 11.45 percent of the total votes.

According to the minister, the award from Dive Magazine is a global recognition for Indonesia.

Gourlay stated that Indonesia has the best diving destination in the world, mainly because of the various corals that grow in the countrys sea.

He added that Indonesia has been conducting the best conservative actions. “You have got the most beautiful coral in the world,” he remarked, hoping that the Indonesian people can continue to preserve their maritime wealth.

The awards presented by Dive Magazine are divided into three categories, namely the Dive Travel Award: Best Destination 2017, the Best Dive Center or Resort 2017, and the Best Live Board 2017.

With about 17 thousand islands, Indonesia has thousands of species of animals and attractive natural wealth. Indonesia has recorded the highest repeat visitors.

Dive Magazine published Indonesia as having popular destinations such as Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara and Lembeh Island in Bitung, North Sulawesi.

Editor:A�Priyambodo RH

Indonesia wins 2017 Dive Travel Awards

JAKARTA, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) — Indonesia has earned prestigious international recognition for its diving sites in the annual World Travel Market event in London, the Tourism Ministry announced here on Wednesday.

The awards, provided by Dive Magazine for the categories of Best Destination and Best Dive Center or Resort, were received by Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

The awards went to Siladen Resort and Spa in Bunaken in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province.

“Indonesia received the Best Destination award for the same respect last year. It shows that Indonesian destinations, particularly for diving, are apparently world-class,” the minister said when receiving the awards.

Besides the one in Bunaken, other diving sites across Indonesia also received awards from several prestigious media as well as from international institutions, Yahya added.

Those spots were Raja Ampat in Papua, Alor in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province, Lembongan in Bali, Lembeh in North Sulawesi, Wakatobi and Bunaken also in Sulawesi.

“All of those awards were not resulted from random picks,” Yahya said. “They (awards providers) staked their reputations to give the awards. Therefore the awards would certainly improve credibility of Indonesia’s diving destinations.”

Those Indonesian diving spots were considered as “Undersea Heaven”, he noted.

The annual World Travel Market that traditionally hosted by London is regarded as the world’s second largest tour and travel event after the Berlin Internationale Tourismus Borse (ITB).

Indonesia sent 50 tour operators to the event, aimed at tapping more tourism potentiality from Britain and the European market.

Indonesia has set target to welcome 384,000 tourists from Britain, higher than last year’s 328,882.

As of August this year, 244,638 tourists to Indonesia were from Britain, accounting for 63.71 percent of the target, according to data released by the ministry.

Representatives of five countries to attend 2017 Komodo Travel Mart

Kupang, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) – Several travel agents from five countries have confirmed their participation in the 2017 Komodo Travel Mart (KTM) to be held on Oct 18.

The five countries are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and China, Chairman of the Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) of East Nusa Tenggara Province Abed Frans informed ANTARA in Kupang on Thursday.

“Currently, more than 200 travel agents have registered to join the KTM in Kupang, including from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and China,” he revealed.

During the event, Frans stated that a business-to-business meeting will be held on Oct 18, and visits to tourist attractions in the island-based province will start on Oct 20.

The main travel destinations will be Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, and Flores Island, as the areas are still leading tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara Province.

ASITA will also reopen the tourist attraction of the Kelimutu Three Color Lakes in Ende and whale fishing activity using traditional tools in Lamalera, Lembata.

“The KTM will start from Kupang and end in Atambua by passing through the districts of Kupang and Timor Tengah Selatan,” he stated.

“We want to promote Atambua, Kupang, and Timor Tengah Selatan. Timor Tengah Selatan offers a good combination of sea, mountains, and culture that is still deeply rooted,” he noted.

Moreover, he revealed that a cross-border post will be set up in the border area with Timor Leste in Atambua.

Frans said the value of transactions during the 2016 KTM had reached more than Rp10 billion, so he was optimistic of witnessing a 100 percent increase in the transaction value in 2017, as his party will ensure that better preparations are made for the 2017 KTM as compared to last year.(*)

Tourist arrivals recorded at 9.25 million up to August

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) announced on Monday that foreign tourist arrivals had reached 9.25 million up to August this year or a 25.68 percent increase year on year, compared to the previous corresponding period.

The figure for tourist arrivals up to July, amounted to 7.81 million.

“I hope there will be a further hike [in foreign tourist arrivals] in the coming months,” BPS head Suhariyanto said on Monday.

Husein Sastranegara International Airport in Bandung, West Java, recorded a notable increase of 21.57 percent year-on-year up to August, compared to the same period last year or a 32.38 percent increase month-on-month.

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Another significant increase of tourist arrivals occurred at Entikong checkpoint between Indonesia and Malaysia in West Kalimantan and at Kualanamu International Airport in North Sumatra.

Tourists from China still dominated the figure, while Singapore and Malaysia trailed behind.

The government aims to welcome 15 million foreign tourists by the end of the year. (bbn)

Source: Jakarta Post

Central Java ready to host annual Borobudur Festival

Borobudur International Festival (BIF) 2017 was officially opened on July 28 at Lumbini Park, Borobudur Temple, Central Java.

The opening event featured traditional dance performances as well as dance performances from other countries such as Japan, China and India.

Tourism ministry’s archipelago marketing development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti said that BIF is an event that is held on every four years aims to increase the number of tourist visits to Borobudur Temple.

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a�?Borobudur Temple is an extraordinary tourist magnet in Indonesia. The ministry has committed that the biggest Buddhist temple in the world will be a destination that can bring in more tourists. The target is to have two million overseas tourists visiting Borobudur Temple in 2019,a�? said Esthy.

The event that ran from July 28 to 30 featured plenty of arts and cultural activities, seminar, human resource training, local products and culinary exhibitions.

a�?We hope that BIF can be held more frequently, make it into an annual or biannual event,a�? Esthy suggested.

Central Java governor Ganjar Pranowo welcome the suggestion of making BIF as an annual event. Ganjar said that the event positively contributes to the enhancement of Indonesian tourism, especially in Central Java.

a�?If this becomes an annual event, wea��re going to prepare it really well, perhaps with a carnival, involving arts and culture and local products of Central Java,a�? said Ganjar.

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Tourism minister Arief Yahya said that BIF is a good platform to brand Borobudur Temple that has become the main attraction of Joglosemar.

Arief also mentioned that the ministry has come up with sub-brands for 10 destinations such as Joglosemar with Java Cultural Wonders, Colorful Medan, Wonderful Riau Islands, Enjoy Jakarta, Stunning Bandung, Majestic Banyuwangi, Island of the Gods for Bali, Friendly Lombok, Explore Makassar and Coral Wonders for Wakatobi a�� Bunaken a�� Raja Ampat.

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Pandjaitan and Tourism Minister Arief Yahya recently launched the operation of the Borobudur Tourism Authority Board (BOP) that aims to turn the Buddhist templeA�into a national and international cultural destination that will attract 2,000,000 overseas tourists by the year 2019. (asw)

Indonesia announces 10 new destination brands

The government has announced 10 new destination brands to support the Wonderful Indonesia campaign in an attempt to attract 15 million foreign tourists in 2017 and 20 million in 2018.

The 10 destinations are Bandung, Bali, Jakarta, Riau Islands, Joglosemar (Yogyakarta, Surakarta and Semarang), the Coral Wonders (Wakatobi, Bunaken and Raja Ampat), Medan, Makassar, Lombok and Banyuwangi.

a�?The infrastructure at the 10 destinations is the most prepared to receive tourists. Therefore, we need to brand them to boost tourist arrivals,a�? a senior Tourism Ministry official in charge of A�overseas tourism promotion, I Gde Pitana, said as reported byA�Antara on Wednesday.

The 10 destinations are being promoted in the lobby of the Sapta Pesona building in Jakarta.

Previously, Indonesia introduced 11 emerging tourist destinations, in which the government started to develop infrastructure to support tourism. Investors have been invited to develop tourism there.

The 11 tourist destinations are Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Tanjung Kelayang in Bangka Belitung, Tanjung Lesung in Banten, Thousand Islands regency in Jakarta, Borobudur in Central Java, the areas of Bromo, Tengger and Semeru in East Java, Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara, Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, Wakatobe in Southest Sulawesi, Norotai in North Maluku and Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi.

In the long run, the destinations are expected to become alternatives for tourists, who currently mainly visit only Bali. (bbn)

Source: Jakarta Post

Indonesia welcomes 1.14 million foreign tourists in April

Jakarta Post – Indonesia saw 1.14 million tourist arrivals in April, a 7.09 percent increase from March, according to a report from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

The figure is also 26.75 percent higher than in the same period last year, which saw 901,090 arrivals.

BPS data also shows that the highest percentage of tourists arrived at the Sam Ratulangi International Airport in North Sulawesi, followed by the Lombok International Airport in West Nusa Tenggara and Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport in Riau Islands.

The Sam Ratulangi airport has been a good example of how direct flights could attract tourists, BPS head Suhariyanto said during a press conference on Friday, adding that the airport had opened direct flights to eight cities in China, including Guangzhou.

“We need more [direct flights] as they are more affordable and more efficient for tourists,a�? he said.

Meanwhile, the number of tourists entering Indonesia through border posts jumped by 333.9 percent to 96,130 in April, compared to 22,150 entries in the same month last year.

The agency also recorded an average occupancy rate of 55.14 percent across the country, an increase compared to April 2016 at 54.38 percent.

The highest room occupancy rate was found in Central Sulawesi, with 65.49 percent, followed by North Sulawesi and Yogyakarta, both of which shared an equal position at 63.66 percent. (bbn)

Bali adjudged best island for 12th successive year

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The DestinAsian Readers Choice Award (RCA) 2017 was bestowed on Bali for being named the best island destination for the 12th consecutive year.

“We laud the award given in Singapore on February 15, 2017,” Deputy for International Marketing Development of the Ministry of Tourism I Gde Pitana stated here on Thursday.

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism was invited to receive the award.

DestinAsian had implemented an open voting system for over 12 years and has bestowed awards based on the readers choice.

The voters highlighted areas, such as staff hospitality, quality of service, convenience of location, facilities, and culinary attractions.

The poll was conducted in August and October 2016, featuring 31 different categories, including hotels and resorts, serviced residences, spas, airlines, airports, and destinations.

DestinAsian Publisher Ronald Liem said there were some changes made in DestinAsian RCA this year in an attempt to offer greater freedom and competitive value.

“In addition to including several new categories, the DestinAsian has expanded in areas, such as special awards for the industry in some countries, and the assessment is no longer only given to the first and second winners but also to those on the top 10 list,” he revealed.

Bali had earlier been selected as one of the worlds best islands by the US Travel+Leisure Magazine at the end of 2015.

Based on the New York-based Travel+Leisure Magazine, the ratings of the worlds best islands are the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, with a score of 90.82; Bali in Indonesia, 88.98; the Maldives, 88.53; Tasmania in Australia, 88.32; Santorini in Greece, 87.93; Moorea in French Polynesia, 87.9; Maui in Hawaii, 87.89; Kauai in Hawaii, 87.88; the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, 87.31; and Malta, 86.9.

Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office A.A. Yuniartha Gede Putra stated that the foreign tourist arrivals in Bali are expected to reach 5.5 million in 2017.

Putra remarked that foreign tourists in Bali mainly came from 10 countries: Australia, China, Japan, the Great Britain, France, India, Malaysia, the US, Germany, and South Korea.

“Given the uniqueness of Balinese art and culture, it attracts tourists from various countries around the world,” Putra noted.

Putra said he had promoted the region in various countries to attract more travelers to Bali. The Ministry of Tourism has also undertaken similar efforts.

Besides this, steps were taken to boost cultural tourism, as Bali has its own regional identity.

He urged everyone to ensure that the local tourism department functions smoothly, so that tourists in Bali feel safe and comfortable, as they enjoy their holidays.

Raja Ampat to organize various festivals to lure tourists

Sorong (ANTARA News) – The district administration of Raja Ampat in West Papua Province will organize various festivals to lure tourists to the island.

The planned festivals will be part of the tourism campaign for the region, according to the Head of Raja Ampat tourism office, Yusdi Lamatenggo, on Saturday (Jan. 21).

This years list of festivals include a maritime festival, a flute and drum festival, the Wonderful Misol festival, the Wonderful Salawati festival, the Wonderful Waigeo festival, a fish cooking festival and a Red and White festival.

There will also be a spiritual festival, a blue sea festival, the Raja Ampat Fair and the Raja Ampat childrens reading festival.

The events are also intended to preserve and promote the regions local culture and arts, he added.

In an effort to improve transportion access to Raja Ampat, the government has also launched several key infrastructure projects on the islands.

Regular transportation will be made available from the regional capital of Waisai to other islands, including Misol Island.

“Foreign and local tourists will now be able to visit the islands without having to hire expensive speedboats,” explained Lamatenggo.

The Wing Air Lion Group will also operate direct return flights from Jakarta to Manado and Waisai to improve the access to West Papua from outside the region, he said.

“At the moment, tourists wishing to visit Raja Ampat have to take a long flight from Jakarta to Sorong,” he added.

The Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat, fondly called the Living Eden or Paradise on Earth, was a lesser-known tourist destination and was familiar only to intrepid travelers and avid divers.

Considered to be a crown jewel in Indonesia, Raja Ampat has crystal clear turquoise waters and islands covered by dense green forests and mangrove swamps.

Located in an area called the “Coral Triangle” between the Pacific and Indian oceans in eastern Indonesias West Papua province, the world is now taking notice of Raja Ampat after the Indonesian government intensified its tourism campaign to promote the region.

(Reported by Ernes B Kakisina/Uu.F001/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)

Bali Expected to Lure 40% of 2017 Tourist Arrivals

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta -A�Bali is expected to attract 40 percent of the total target of 15 million foreign tourists to Indonesia in 2017.

The province has been given a bigger portion than other regions because it still remains the prime destination for foreign tourists, according to the Assistant Deputy for Tourism Human Resource Development, Wisnu Bawa Tarunajaya, on Saturday (Jan. 21).

“Bali is still number one compared to the other regions in Indonesia,” he said.

The capital Jakarta is expected to attract 30 percent, while Batam in the Sumatran province of Riau Islands is expected to get 20 percent. All other regions of the country are expected to get the remaining 10 percent.

The three major regions will play important roles in meeting the targets for attracting foreign tourism in Indonesia, added Tarunajaya.

In order for the other regions to compete, the Ministry of Tourism is also planning to develop new tourist destinations. These include Toba Lake in North Sumatra, Tanjung Klayang in Bangka-Belitung province, Thousand Islands in Jakarta and Tanjung Lesung in Banten province, West Java. Mandalika in Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, Labuhan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi and Morotai in North Maluku are also listed for potential development.

Through careful planning and sustainable development, the Ministry of Tourism is hoping to boost the promotion of new tourist destinations to attract more foreign visitors, said Tarunajaya.

He also mentioned that most of the foreign tourists that are expected to visit this year are likely to come from China and other ASEAN countries, as well as Australia.


Wakatobi to Increase Tourist Visits by 40,000 in 2017

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -A�The scenic Wakatobi district, famous for its marine tourism, in Southeast Sulawesi Province, has been identified as one of Indonesias 10 flagship tourist destinations.

As a result, the district government is committed to increasing the number of tourist visits by more than 40,000 in 2017.

Wakatobi Creative Economy and Tourism Office Chief Nadar noted that as of December 2016, more than 20 thousand foreign and domestic tourists had visited the district.

In light of this significant progress, Nadar revealed the Wakatobi district government had felt encouraged to raise the targeted tourist arrivals to more than 40 thousand people next year.

Several supporting facilities such as an airport passenger terminal, a marina, a pier, hotels, and restaurants, which have been developed in Wakatobi, will contribute to increasing the number of tourist visits in 2017.

In addition, two international companies are currently developing five-star-rated hotels in the district.

Nadar explained that the local government will allocate Rp20 billion from its 2017 regional budget for the development and promotion of the districts tourism sector.

“The Rp20 billion budget will be used to finance the construction of numerous supporting facilities and infrastructure, as well as for promotional activities, both at home and abroad,” he remarked.

Both the local and central governments are responsible for the development and promotion of Wakatobis tourism sector, making the increase in tourist arrivals even more likely, according to Nadar.

“Even without the support of the central government, the number of tourist visits to Wakatobi reached 22 thousand people in 2016, and certainly with the support of the central government, the number will be much more, even exceeding 40 thousand in 2017,” he stated.

Efforts to start regular flight services connecting major cities in Indonesia to the Wakatobi district will also help increase the number of tourist arrivals, which saw a steady increase after the development of Matahora Airport on Wangi-Wangi Island.

When construction of the airport began in 2009, the number of tourist arrivals was only some three thousand per year, but in 2015, it reached 17 thousand, and in 2016, it grew to more than 20 thousand, following the completion of the Matahora Airport passenger terminal, which was inaugurated by the tourism and transportation minister in May.

Matahora Airport has a two-thousand-meter-long runway and is expected to boost the nations tourism industry, especially in Wakatobi District.

Plans are also afoot to extend the runway to 2.5 thousand meters to accommodate wide-bodied aircraft and to expand the apron area to facilitate the parking of aircraft.

The airport terminal was built to international standards, providing comfortable arrival and departure lounges for passengers.

The district government will continue to focus on developing tourism because of its strong potential for improving the welfare of the locals and the country as a whole.

Currently, the only airlines serving routes to Wakatobi are Wings Air and Avia Star. Wings Air has a daily flight to Matahora Airport, while Avia Star, with a capacity of 12 passengers, serves the airport once a week.

For this reason, Tourism Minister Arif Yahya has urged the government to start regular flights on the Jakarta-Wakatobi and Jakarta-Denpasar-Wakatobi routes as soon as possible now that the district has been named one of the countrys 10 major destinations and is eligible for promotional and developmental support funding.

Further, he stressed that the central and local governments as well as the local community should support Wakatobis position as a significant tourist destination.

In recent years, Wakatobis popularity as a world-class diving destination, especially among professional divers, has increased, resulting in even stronger demand for a direct air link between Jakarta and Bali.

Wakatobi is known for having the highest number of reefs and fish species in the world and is a protected marine national park.

The islands in Wakatobi District are also famous for forming the largest barrier reef in Indonesia, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The national park is believed to have 942 species of large and small fish and 750 species of coral. By comparison, a total of 850 coral species are found across the world.

With its fringing reefs, atolls, and barrier reefs, as well as more than 50 scenic dive sites that are easily accessible from the major islands, it is the playground of dolphins, turtles, and even whales.

The island group comprises 143 large and small islands, with only seven of them inhabited, hosting a total population of nearly 100,000.

Hoga Island in the district has popular diving facilities, inviting tourists from around the world to explore the natural underwater beauty of the coral reefs and other marine life around the island.

“Here, at Wakatobi, the beauty of our marine life is waiting to be discovered and explored by the Sail Wakatobi-Belitung participants,” noted Wakatobi District Head Hugua.

The Wakatobi Diving Resort, with its own beach and a reef only 20 meters away, offers more opportunities to enjoy viewing the colorful marine diversity in these waters.

It is surrounded by steep drop-offs, walls, and slopes, as well as ridges, caverns, caves, and sea-mounts.

In addition, the diving resort offers luxury accommodation to tourist divers and guests with its bungalows, garden bungalows, beach bungalows, and cliff villas.


Tourism Investment Grow 23 Percent

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta – Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said that investment realization in tourism sector during January to September 2016 reached US$1,094 billion (Rp14.7 trillion), a 23 percent increase year-on-year. a�?The highest [percentage of] investment was made in star hotel development,a�? Arief said yesterday as quoted from the Tourism Ministry website.

Tourism investment realization comprised of foreign investment (PMA) of US$594.59 million and domestic investment (PMDN) of US$139.06 million. Foreign investment in star hotel development made up 56 percent of total investment. The rest consisted of management consulting (27 percent) and restaurant (7 percent). Domestic investment comprised star hotel development (65 percent), water tourism (21 percent) and amusement parks (4 percent). Some 51 percent were Singapore-based investors.

On tourist arrivals, Arief said that the number of foreign tourist arrivals from January to October 2016 was 9,403,641 or grew 9.54 percent year-on-year. He expects that until late December, the target of 12 million foreign tourist arrivals will be exceeded, with an estimated 1.3 million arrivals in November and 1.5 million arrivals in December. a�?Ia��m optimistic that it will be surpassed as the said months are the peak periods,a�? he said.

To attract tourists in 2017, Arief will roll out three priority programs: digital tourism, homestay and air connectivity. According to him, digital tourism is a strategy to win global markets, particularly that of 26 countries. Digital tourism program will kick off with the launch of ITX (Indonesia Tourism Exchange), which will bring together travel agencies, accommodation operators and attractions to facilitate transactions.

Earlier, President Joko Widodo had instructed his subordinates to bring in up to Rp670 trillion worth of investment. According to Jokowi, investment proposals in tourism sector can help the government to achieve the target. a�?We must simply establish the product support, positioning, packaging and promotion.a�?

The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) chairman Thomas Lembong said that several Chinese investors are interested to develop national tourism industry. He named Fosun International and HNA Group as prospective investors. Fosun International is a company actively investing in tourism and fashion industries. The HNA Group is Chinaa��s first airline company.


Indonesia’s homegrown cosmetics set to amplify campaign

From satay to rendang curry, rich and authentic dishes are part of the nationsa��s culinary appeal that keeps foreign tourists coming back.

But as the countrya��s tourism campaign intensifies, the worlda��s biggest archipelago is looking to homegrown cosmetics to lure more overseas visitors.

A new partnership between the Tourism Ministry and local cosmetic maker Martina Berto, part of the Martha Tilaar Group, is set to further boost the Wonderful Indonesia campaign in a bid to attract 20 million tourists by 2019, almost double this yeara��s target of 12 million.

Under the cooperation, the campaigna��s logo will adorn the firma��s well-known Sari Ayu products, including lipsticks and eye shadow sets. This follows an earlier move in which the logo was printed on 20 million Papatonk shrimp cracker bags shipped to China.

The most recent promotional effort aims to popularize Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), one of 10 emerging destinations, as the firm also took inspiration for its new cosmetic products from Lombok, another famous tourist spot in the same province, according to Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

The ministry has spent heavily on its overall promotional activities, including familiarization trips, festivals, travel exchanges and sales mission.

The hefty amount has also been channeled to emblazon the campaigna��s logo on food packaging, as well as 400 taxis and 10 buses in London, and to promote tourist destinations such as Borobudur Temple in Central Java.

It has earmarked Rp 2 trillion (US$150 million) out of its Rp 3.8 trillion budget next year, up slightly from Rp 1.7 trillion in the revised 2016 state budget.

a�?We are perhaps the countrya��s third-largest institutional spender that allocates a sizeable budget for promotion after tobacco and telecommunication companies,a�? Arief recently said.

Such a concerted effort is in line with the official target to push up its position to 30th place for country tourism on the World Economic Foruma��s 2019 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, up from 47th place in 2015, which was higher than neighbors Thailand and Malaysia.

Martina Berto president director Bryan Tilaar, who leads Marta Tilaara��s manufacturing and marketing subsidiary, said the companya��s engagement had non-commercial and commercial aspects, which included expanding its overseas sales.

a�?Each year we want our exports to grow 10 to 30 percent. We are focusing on our Asia-Pacific market, as well as the Middle East,a�? he said.

Visitors from Asia-Pacific countries have long dominated foreign arrivals to Southeast Asiaa��s largest economy, with the current top contributor coming from China.

With other companies submitting proposals to take part in the Wonderful Indonesia campaign, co-branding efforts may continue in the future.

Marketing consulting firm MarkPlus founder and CEO Hermawan Kartajaya applauded the ministrya��s branding approach through Indonesian-made products.

a�?Ita��s very effective because the products and tourism brand can support each othera��s strengths,a�? he said.

Hermawan added that as Indonesia championed nature, culture and man-made tourism, the products related to these aspects would fit the brand campaign as well.

Source: Jakarta Post

Indonesia gets more foreign tourists in October

The number of foreign tourists arriving in Indonesia in October increased by 18.5 percent year-on-year to 1.04 million, with visitors from China, Malaysia, and Australia dominating the inbound trips.

Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) showed that the number of incoming Chinese tourists had increased by nearly 20 percent yoy to 121,880, while Malaysian and Australian tourists increased by 22.8 percent and 6 percent respectively.

BPS deputy head of distribution and statistics Sasmito Hadi Wibowo said the offer of free visas to citizens of 169 countries had helped boost tourist arrivals, especially over the past three months.

a�?Tourism events held by regional administrations, such as a sailing festival and a bicycle race, have also helped keep the number of foreign tourist arrivals stable at 1 million per month, despite it being the traditional low season,a�? Sasmito told reporters on Thursday.

From January to October, Indonesia welcomed 9.4 million foreign tourists, up by 9.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

Sasmito said he was optimistic that Indonesia would be able to meet its target of attracting a total of 12 million foreign tourists in 2016.

a�?We still have another holiday season in December,a�? he said.A�(hwa)

Source: Jakarta Post


President Jokowi promotes tourism investment

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – There is vast potential for investment in Indonesias tourism sector, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has told global investors.

“Indonesia has thousands of beautiful places to visit, such as Bali, Raja Ampat in Papua, Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara, and Komodo island in East Nusa Tenggara,” he remarked at the Forbes Global CEO Conference at the Shangri-la Hotel here on Tuesday.

Outside Bali, the potential to develop tourism is still huge, he said.

To boost economic growth through tourism, Garuda Indonesia, the countrys state airline, has expanded direct flight services from countries with the biggest tourist potential to other places in Indonesia such as Manado in North Sulawesi.

“In less than a year, the number of tourists from China to Manado has increased to 12,000 per month,” Jokowi revealed.

Indonesia is now building land, sea, and air transportation infrastructure to ease the flow of goods and people.

The effort has been focused on remote places and border regions such as Papua and Miangas to increase the contribution of these regions in the countrys economic growth.

The conference, which is being attended by chief executive officers of a number of multinational companies, will last until December 1.

(Reported by Bayu Prasetyo/Uu.H-YH/INE/KR-BSR/B003)

Indonesia Sees 8.5% Increase of Tourists until September ThisYear

TEMPO.CO,A�Jakarta -A�Indonesia recorded 8.36 million visits by foreign tourist until September this year or an increase of 8.5 percent year-on-year.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said here on Thursday the increase gave greater optimism that the target of 12 million visits by foreign tourists to the country this year would be achieved.

“In three consecutive months – July-August and September, the number of visits exceeded one million. We hope that the number would be larger in October, November and December,” the minister said.

In September, there were 1,006,653 foreign tourist arrivals or an increase of 9.40 percent year-on-year from 920,128 in the same month last year, he said in a statement.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) and the Tourism Ministry, the number of foreign tourist visits in the first nine months of the year was 8,362,963 or 8.51 percent higher than 7,707,034 visits in the same period last year.

In September, significant increase was recorded in the number of visits of tourists from Bahrain, up 46.84 percent, Egypt up 42.86 percent, China up 28.08 percent, India 26.61 percent, and France 18.92 percent.

In the nine months period until September this year, the highest increase was recorded in the visits of tourist from Egypt up 48.72 percent, Bahrain up 46.33 percent, India 28.90 percent, China 24.15 percent, and France 23.15 percent.

Minister Arief Yahya said international events would be increased especially in main gates – Bali, Jakarta, and Batam. in a bid to increase the number of visits of foreign tourists toward the end of the year.

“Bali plans to organize tens of year end events to increase the number of visits . This year, Bali hopes to chalk up 4.8 million visits by foreign tourists or 45 percent of the total number of foreign visits to the country,” Arief Yahya said.

Similarly, Bintan of the Riau Islands, which in November-December 2016 would host a number of events such as international sport tourism and entertainment to attract visitors especially from Singapore and Malaysia.

This year Great Batam/Bintan hopes to chalk up 2.5 visits by foreign tourists.

Arief said the island of Bintan is one of more potential tourist destinations in frontier areas, beside Manado, Papua, Entikong, and Atambua.

The tourism Ministry has launched intensive promotional campaigns by organizing cultural festivals in a number of areas to attract foreign tourists in border areas.

Recently the ministry held a Festival of Wonderful Indonesia (FWI) in Aruk, sub-district of Sajingan Besar, regency of Sambas, in West Kalimantan to attract visitors from Negeri Serawak, Malaysia.

The tourism ministry, however, has focused more on luring larger number of Chinese tourist to visit the country. China has become the worlds largest tourism market.

Earlier, Arief said Indonesia had been lagging behind in taking advantage of the Chinese market.

Indonesia has succeeded only in recording 1.2 million or one percent of outbound Chinese, falling far behind Thailand, which already succeeded in attracting 8 million visits by Chinese tourists year.

Therefore, the Indonesian Tourism Ministry has teamed up with Baidu, the largest Chinese searching engine company called as “Chinese Google” to create a program to promote tourism destinations in Indonesia.

Baidu could create many programs to promote Indonesian tourist destinations from upstream to downstream , from branding , advertising to selling, Arief said.

“It promised to increase the number of Chinese visitors to Indonesia up to 10 million arrivals in 2019,” Arief, who visited China recently, said.

The 10 million arrivals of Chinese tourist would means 50 percent of the governments target of 20 million in number of foreign tourist visits to the country in 2019.



Big plans in store for Indonesia tourist destinations

Colorful corals compete for space to grow on a shallow reef in Wakatobi National Park in Southeast Sulawesi. (Shutterstock/File)

As tourism slowly takes its place as a new engine of economic growth, the government is making aggressive plans to improve and promote new tourist destinations.

Morotai in Maluku, Labuan Bajo in West Nusa Tenggara and Tanjung Lesung in Banten are three names that may sound unfamiliar to the domestic and international community, but they are among the so-called 10 emerging tourist destinations that the government expects can be as famous as Bali.

The other seven destinations are Tanjung Kelayang in Belitung, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Bromo-Tengger-Semeru in East Java, the Thousand Islands in Jakarta, Borobudur in Central Java and Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara.

However, raising them to Balia��s level will take a lot of work, a fact acknowledged by the government, especially as it hopes to attract 20 million foreign tourists by 2019.

In its latest Indonesia Economic Quarterly report, the World Bank states that implementation of this plan will require efforts on multiple fronts and infrastructure will play a crucial role.

Indonesia currently ranks in the bottom half of countries on several infrastructure-related tourism competitiveness indicators, such as ground and port infrastructure, tourist service infrastructure, health and hygiene, information and communications technology (ICT) readiness and environmental sustainability.

The Public Works and Public Housing Ministry, one of the governmenta��s most strategic posts for infrastructure development, has stated that it will focus on infrastructure development for three destinations in the next two years, namely Lake Toba, Mandalika and Borobudur.

An integrated master plan for the development is also being formulated by the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry and Tourism Ministry.

a�?I hope with the integrated master plan, there will be cooperation between ministries and regional governments for the development of the three destinations,a�? Rido Matari Ichwan, the ministrya��s regional infrastructure development agency (BPIW) head, said recently.

The government has allocated Rp 1.6 trillion (US$122.74 million) in the state budget in 2016 and 2017 for various infrastructure projects in the three destinations, including road access, water system, drinking water, waste management and housing, among others.

Data from the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry reveals that the development plan for Lake Toba includes the construction of toll roads connecting Medan-Kualanamu-Tebing Tinggi and Tebing Tinggi-Siantar-Parapat, access road to the Sibisa airport in Parapat and 14.3 kilometers of piping in Simalungun, among others.

Development for Borobudur includes initiatives such as self-built housing development in Magelang, a toll road connecting Yogyakarta and Bawen, a regional drinking water system, and reconstruction and expansion of several roads.

Meanwhile, Mandalika will see several works carried out, such as the Sulin bridge improvement, road expansion and maintenance, and irrigation network construction in central Lombok.

Rido added that the ministry would also cooperate with the Transportation Ministry on the development of the airports in the new tourist destinations.

In addition to state budget funds, the government is also seeking other funding sources. It is looking to obtain a US$200 million to $500 million loan from the World Bank to fund the infrastructure development in the three destinations.

Discussions are taking place and the loan is expected to be ready for disbursement by July next year.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya previously stated that the government would also launch a limited participation mutual fund (RDPT) by next year, through which it sought to garner Rp 10 trillion to develop all 10 destinations.

a�?We will use the funds to build amenities. They will be channelled first to the four special economic zones [and tourism destinations], such as Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Lesung, Mandalika and Morotai,a�? he said.

The World Bank says the government will also need to attract private investment to finance its goals.

Early indicators are promising, with total foreign and domestic direct investment in hotels and restaurants reaching nearly $1 billion in 2015, an increase of 45.5 percent compared to 2014, while the number of investment licenses approved in the hotel and restaurant sectors surged more than five times to 266 licenses in 2015 from 2014.

Licensing simplification is one important aspect that will help spur more investment, according to the World Bank. a�?As a first step, it will be essential to establish an inventory of the number and type of business licenses needed [at the national and subnational level] to establish a tourism-related business,a�? he added.

Source: Jakarta Post